Olio Capitale 2024 – Podere del Pari among the exhibitors

Hundreds of extra virgin olive oil producers, hailing from all Italian olive-growing regions and abroad, gathered from March 8th to 10th for the 16th edition of the fair dedicated to typical and high-quality extra virgin olive oils: Olio Capitale is the main fair in Italy dedicated to extra virgin olive oil, which, for the 2024 edition, saw over 220 producers from all over the country as well as from Greece and Slovenia.

It was not only an opportunity for knowledge and tasting of various qualities of oils but also a moment of attention to all production phases as well as commercial aspects. The Innolio exhibition section, in fact, is focused on innovation applied to the traditional olive growing sector: the range of goods varies from equipment for olive grove management, to the improvement of the finished product, to the enhancement of the product in terms of commercial and marketing aspects, all characterized by a technological or innovative component of Smart Farming, with the aim of characterizing olive growing by combining it with research.

Colle di Catananna

Podere del Pari also participated as an exhibitor, presenting its 2023 production of Colle di Catananna: EVO oil from Tuscan cultivars, Frantoio, Moraiolo, and Leccino, present at the Strada dell’Olio dei Monti Pisani stand together with three other local producers, to bring national knowledge and taste of a territory that has been dedicated to olive growing for decades. Together with Leonardo Paolino – CEO of Podere del Pari, there were:

Gianluca Bovoli – President of “Strada dell’Olio dei Monti Pisani”, olive grower, and owner of the Vicopisano oil mill 

Luigi Pasqualetto – President of Buti oil mill cooperative 

Francesco Elter – olive grower and owner of the company Agrielter 

“Participation in the 2024 edition of  “Olio Capitale” represents a focal moment for Podere del Pari: we intend to promote our product and, at the same time, the entire territory in which Podere is located and where small and medium-sized entrepreneurs operate in synergy. The goal is to create value for the entire geographical area, through a proposal that starts from oil and translates into a range of tertiary activities, involving various entrepreneurial realities, ranging from tourism to catering to hospitality: all these are complementary activities, useful for bringing new workforce and additional inducement. Podere del Pari’s offer is comprehensive in line with the premises, integrating products and services with training and education paths for the production and consumption of oil, aimed at fully developing the potential of the local olive growing.”  Leonardo Paolino – CEO of Podere del Pari

Podere del Pari

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