Podere del Pari collaborates closely with local enterprises, such as  La Formica, leveraging their specialized skills and in-depth knowledge of the area. 

Our aim is to revitalize this area of the Monte Pisano, with a specific focus on crop management and distribution, crucial for creating value for the community and the local economy and unlocking the full potential of olive cultivation in our region.

Olive grove restoration and management

We undertake various activities including olive grove rehabilitation, restoration of existing terraces, routine plant management, grass cutting, and olive harvesting. These fundamental tasks help identify and eliminate damaged or diseased areas, promoting healthy plant growth, proper crown aeration, and ensuring the overall health and longevity of the trees. Over time, these efforts lead to improved production both in terms of quantity and quality.

Agronomy services

Our agronomy programs are designed to enhance yields while minimizing environmental impact and optimizing resource management. These programs encompass soil fertility assessments, pest and phytophagous monitoring, and tailored production processes aimed at enhancing soil quality, yield, and plant health.

Small-scale gardening and pruning work

In rural settings and residential properties, we provide comprehensive services for the care and maintenance of hedges, trees, and gardens. Our offer encompasses everything from expert pruning of bushes and trees to nurturing gardens to reach their full potential, ensuring vibrant and thriving landscapes.


La Formica

La Formica specializes in the restoration of rural buildings, earthmoving and consultancy services for optimizing land spaces. From rehabilitation of rural infrastructure to land modelling and excavation work, we offer our expertise to both public and private sector clients who require earth moving, construction and terracing.

Earth moving, rural construction, terracing.