“A picnic in the Olive Grove” 2024 Edition

The Municipality of Calci is one of the 60 in Tuscany that belong to the “City of Olive Oil,” a national association formed in 1994. This association brings together municipalities, provinces, chambers of commerce, GALs (Local Action Groups), and parks situated in regions with a strong tradition of olive cultivation, linked to environmental, historical, and cultural values, and often falling under a Denomination of Origin.

Today, there are 476 Italian public entities committed to safeguarding extra virgin olive oil. Every year, more public administrations invest in preserving ancient and traditional olive mills, and more Italian regions join the “City of Olive Oil” network. These regions pride themselves on producing high-quality extra virgin olive oil or extra virgin olive oil with PDO and PGI status, which serves as a significant economic driver for regions known for olive cultivation. Numerous specialized tours are now available for discovering the golden liquid, offering guided explorations of landscapes adorned with ancient olive groves and delightful tastings of EVO oil.

The Event series

With a focus on exploring the local landscape and its natural bounty, Podere del Pari will host a series of nature and olive-themed events on select Sundays throughout the upcoming spring, from late April to late June. This series, entitled “A picnic in the Olive Grove,” marks its 4th edition. It promises to be a delightful occasion for community gathering and conviviality, inviting participants to enjoy a rustic day amidst ancient olive trees. Attendees can savor tastings of oils and local delicacies, embark on panoramic walks, and visit sites of historical significance to the region. This event is perfect for families, enthusiasts, and anyone eager to immerse themselves in the world of olive cultivation, its rich history, and cultural heritage.

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities, including EVO oil tastings, captivating storytelling sessions led by expert olive growers and agronomists, as well as rejuvenating yoga and pilates sessions. Moreover, psychologists will be on hand to discuss Mental Wellness and the profound benefits of connecting with nature. Each session will feature contributions from different local professionals and experts, as well as involvement from local associations, including “the Community of the Woods ETS.”

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